External Competitions

Ember is a very active club that provides its membership with opportunities to compete against fellow bowlers throughout the area in a variety of external competitions.


The Surrey County Bowling Associations run County Competitions for both Men and Ladies in Fours, Triples, Pairs and Singles.   Currently 8 club members have been awarded their County badge (5 Ladies & 3 Men).
Our ladies have an excellent track record in these competitions.  In 2017 Jenny Baird won the County Officers Cup; in 2018 Linda Pillman was part of the county team that won Bowls England’s national Johns Trophy, which she did again in 2019 alongside Jackie Cornwall. Also in 2019 our ladies also won the County Officers Cup, the Senior 4’s and the Benevolent Triples.  Most recently, we have celebrated Jackie Cornwall’s success in winning the 2021 County Champion of Champions trophy, Linda Pillman being Surrey County Women’s Bowling Association’s President for 2022 and Beth Cartledge’s victory in the Surrey County Unbadged Singles Championship.


Ember is affiliated to the North West Surrey Bowling Association and enters teams in Monday’s Ladies League and the Friday evening Men’s Single Rink League.  We also have a team in the top division of the Thursday evening Mixed Fours League.
The North West Surrey BA also runs individual competitions in eleven events: Singles, Pairs and Triples for both Men and Ladies plus Mixed Pairs, Triples and Fours.  They also run an Unbadged Singles competition and an Australian Pairs competition, open to both men and ladies.  Ember has enjoyed considerable success in these competitions gaining these winning honours:

  • 2016: Men’s Pairs Championship
  • 2017: Mixed Fours Championship and Australian Pairs Championship.
  • 2018: Ladies’ Triples, Mixed Fours and Mixed Pairs Championship (as well as the runners-up)
  • 2019: Ladies League Winners and finalists in the Ladies’ Singles and Mixed Pairs
  • 2021: Finalists in the Ladies League and Mixed Fours
  • 2022: Unbadged Singles Champion

In 2008 we joined the Racal Decca 3-Rink Mixed League. Matches are played throughout the season against a number of local clubs.  This is a competitive league with 14 local clubs taking part.  Ember were champions in 2008, 2009. 2012, 2014 and 2017 and 2021.  We also won their knock-out cup in 2016, 2019 and 2022.”


We regularly enter Men’s and Ladies’ National Club competitions.  In addition teams have been entered for the local Area Mixed Top 10 competition, the Surrey Men’s Top Four and the Surrey Ladies’ Benevolent Triples competitions.
Members can also enter Open and Invitation competitions run by other clubs.  Typically these are day-long competitions, occasionally with a charitable purpose

For internal club competitions and leagues see our Club Activities page.

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