Indoor Bowls v King George IBC – 2.30pm Monday 22 January.
Path to Progress Sessions – 23/25 and 27 January (see below).
Spring Social – Saturday 17th February (see below).
Indoor Bowls v Cambridge Park IBC – 2pm Sunday 3 March.
Opening Day Roll Up – 2.30pm Saturday 13 April

Path to Progress – it isn’t just for Christmas! (Sylvia Jones)
Read on as it’s for Everyone!
Further Path to Progress sessions will be held in January, in the Clubhouse:
Tuesday 23rd 2pm;
Thursday 25th 10am;
or Saturday 27th 10am
Topics will include How to Measure Correctly, Basic Rules, General Green Etiquette, Queries and Concerns. Ideally all members, new and experienced alike, should attend a class (yes!). No-one knows everything (true!). We can all forget and/or get into bad habits (true!). We all think we know what should happen in certain situations but do we really? Let’s aim to raise our standards!
Don’t hold back, come along! Contact Sylvia, indicating your preferred, if any, choice of date:  01932 788701 or 07778 034793

Indoor Bowls (Adam Willson)
Ember’s next indoor match is on Monday 22 January against King George Field Indoor Bowls Club. We have a full team but would welcome a couple more names in case of illness/injury. Please contact Adam Willson if you can play. He will be circulating the arrangements and team shortly (around 8 January).
After this match our final indoor game is on 3 March against Cambridge Park. Adam again would welcome a few more nominations.
All members are welcome for both games so please sign up or contact him to play (01932 889662 or

Spring Social (Tony Baker)
We have another fun social event at 7pm for 7.30pm on Saturday 17th February. It will be a combination of a quiz and bingo with food in between and, of course, the bar will be open!
The last social in November was fully subscribed with 48 members attending. So, make sure to book you place for February: please email Tony Baker (

Surrey Competitions (Linda Pillman)
Just a reminder….entries to the Surrey competitions need to be made by the end of January so completed forms need to be sent to Linda Pillman ( by 21st January. Full details of competitions will be sent to bowlers shortly. You cannot win if you do not enter, and anyone can win on their day!

It seems early to talk about recruitment, but time flies and advertising and promotions have been put in place. We have already set the dates for the beginners’ course, starting Sunday 12th May.
Last year’s campaign was a great success, so we would like to achieve the same this year.
Remember most new members are recruited by word of mouth so when you see your neighbours out for their exercise tell them about bowls and how it provides the exercise and also introduces them to new friends in a convivial atmosphere.

So who was the Santa behind the bar for the Christmas Carols?

Answer: George Marcall from the Bowls section.

Take a look at these websites to keep up to date with bowls at county and national levels.

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