EMBER BOWLS CHARITY DAY – 2.00pm Sunday 1st July – followed by a BBQ

Please support our Charity Day on Saturday 1 July. It will be a 2pm for 2.30pm start with games on the green followed by a BBQ at 4.45pm.

The charity is ‘OASIS’.  Oasis provides vital support to vulnerable families and children in Elmbridge and the surrounding areas.  Its efforts are recognised as having a significant impact on the lives of vulnerable families and children in our local community – a beacon of hope and refuge for those in need.

BBQ tickets should be purchased in advance at £10 per person. Sylvia Jones, Wendy Beaney and Mary/Tony Baker have tickets.

Fun games on the green will start around 2.30pm with a ‘Spider’ followed by different games on the six rinks. It will be a £1 entry per try per game. There will be a prize for the winner of each game. Three woods to be used for each game (except the putting!).

The games are:

Rink 1 – “Target bowls”: target pinned to green with score for each bowl at the end of 3 woods that is in the target.
Rink 2 – “Hit the Jack”: 3 jacks set out on the rink and one point for each jack hit.
Rink 3- “Nearest the Ditch”: send woods towards the ditch and the nearest wood to the ditch wins.
Rink 4 – “Beat the Captain”: try and get a wood nearer the jack than Tony Baker. If you do he will pay £3 each time to the charity and you will enter a ‘final’ for the winner prize.
Rink 5 – “Hit the Teddy”: a Teddy will be on the rink and 1 point for each time you hit it.
Rink 6 – “Target Putting”: a target pinned to green with score for each golf ball in the target (woods not to be used!).

After the games finish at around 4.00pm, ‘finals’ will take place where required for each game followed by the presentation of prizes to the winners. The raffle will also be drawn. There will then be a bbq at about 4.45pm for which you will need to purchase tickets in advance.

The raffle tickets cost £5 per strip. It is best to buy tickets in advance (especially if you cannot attend on the day!) and put your name on each ticket in the book.

Members are reminded please to donate prizes (a box is by the door in the Clubhouse) and we also hope to have some additional prizes from outside the club!

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