Auditions for ‘A Life of Galileo’ – Thursday 27th April.  8pm at Ember Sports Club

Come and be part of the Bout of the Century between…, in the blue corner, Galileo Galilei and his belief that the earth goes round the sun.  He’s supported by his friends and family (well….some of them).  AND in the red corner, The Establishment, who believe the Earth is the centre of the Universe.  The Establishment is supported by the Church, the Mathematicians, the Philosophers and well…. just about everyone else!  This exciting title fight for the future of mankind, takes place over 12 rounds (or scenes – as we tend to say) and includes;

A compare/narrator, a younger and older Galileo and his apprentice, Andrea (female – also older and younger).  Lots of parts both big and small, on both sides of the divide and a need, I’m sure for doubling and possibly, trebling up – a real ensemble piece; with parts that are in every scene, and with one liners, with beautiful costumes!  Oh and there’s a simple dance sequence too!  Also required are 3 or 4 ‘Planet People’ who will literally, move the planets and be integral to the whole performance. 

We’ll also need lots of help back stage and many hands to make paper mache globes 😊.   We will use period costume and with our own accents!  

If you can’t be at the Ember Sports Club at 8pm on the 27th but would like to be involved, please drop me a line (info@emberplayers.co.uk) We hope to see you there. 

Our first read through will be on Wednesday May 3rd , again at the Ember Sports Club.

How do I join The Ember Players?

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