Bowls Stats Part 2: Who’s been in the most finals?

For part 1 – click here: Bowls Stats Part 1: Who’s won what?
For the second part of this look at our competition results at Ember Bowls Club, I had a look at the pairs and triples. This was a bit more tricky, as there aren’t as many winning pairs or triple teams that continue in the same pairs or triples formation, so the data is a bit ‘flat’.
What I did instead was analyse how many times an individual person had appeared in a winning side in the competition. Here’s the findings!
I’ve also not included every winner, as there are lots of people who’ve won it once and it made the charts unreadable. I’ve just included the top sets.

Arthur Knight Cup – Two Wood Mixed Triples (1975-2016)

There are five people who have been in winning teams 3 times – M. Wragg, Malcolm Baird, A. Condon, Jenny Baird, P. Reader and Ron Pintus.
This cup was not played from 1984-1987, and in 2004, 2005 and 2016.


The Condon Cup – Evening League (2006-2016)

The evening league cup has a leader in Sally Haddingham, who’s been part of a winning side four times!


The Coronation Cup (1953-2016)

The showpiece cup competition run by Ember has been won by Ember ten times, with local neighbours Esher coming a close second with eight wins.


Dominy Cup – Ladies Championship Pairs (1962-2016)

An interesting one! L. Thorogood is tied with Val Chicken on 9 each.


Knight Cup/Eric and June Dean Presentation Cup – Invitation Mixed Pairs (2003-2016)

Another interesting one – the Eric and June Dean cup was originally the Knight Cup/Married Pairs Handicap and ran from 1968-2002, before becoming the Invitation Mixed Pairs in 2003.
P. Thorogood and Mrs. L Thorogood were part of a winning side 6 times, with the combo of D. Chester and M. Chester, and Val Chicken and John Garland being part of their respective cup-winning sides 5 times each.


Find out more in Part 3, coming soon!

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