Tickets now available for "Run For Your Wife!"

The box office is open and tickets are selling well already… book NOW to secure your seat!

tel: 07752 655 087

“Run For Your Wife” is our next production and will be directed by Steve Clunn for performance in April.

Ray Cooney’s much – acclaimed fast moving farce tells of John Smith a London Cabbie with his own taxi, a wife in Streatham, a wife in Wimbledon – and a knife-edge schedule!

By keeping to this schedule he has managed to be a successful if not tired bigamist for the last three years.

One day he gallantly intervenes in a mugging and is taken to hospital with mild concussion. In the ensuing complications, aided by an unwilling Stanley, John tries bravely to cope with a succession of well-meaning but prying policemen, the press and two increasingly irate wives. He eventually manfully confesses the truth – but will anyone believe him!

Cast of the play

  •  Mary Smith – Anne Segall
  • Barbara Smith – Lisa Mills
  • John Smith  – Jonathan Clark
  • Stanley Gardner – Neil Armstrong
  • Detective Sergeant Troughton –  Warren Saunders
  • Detective Sergeant Portherhouse – Richard Lyons
  • Bobby Franklyn – Peter Owen
  • Reporter – Nick Plaut
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