Golf Croquet Tournament August 2023

A blustery afternoon eventually turned into a beautiful tranquil evening. Similar conditions for the organiser too! But we had fun!

We had ten members and seven guests turn up for a GC tournament. Two guests (my wife Karen and my neighbour Jan G) had bad wrists so they got to share stalwart Tom. The two male guests (Adam and Steve G) are a right pair, so had to play together. Adam’s wife Jan D got the canny Roger S. Steve went into battle with daughter Hannah. Hugh and Gary had a great laugh last time so we put them together again. Sue joined former member Geraldine. Louise was paired with Oaklands Avenue neighbour Pat. Last but not least, husband and wife, Peter and Pauline, brought years of teamwork to the lawns.

As ever, there was some lively action. Shot of the day was Karen’s jump shot. Ask Tom about it! I captured quite a few photos from the play. Here are some of the pic(k)s:

Here are the results:

And to finish off, the winning shot by Jan D:

Sports’person’ship at its finest! Well done to Jan and Roger S! Well done everybody!

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