Ember win at Surbiton

Our South East Croquet Federation ‘B’ League match versus Surbiton, away, was

duly played. With injuries and other commitments there was doubt as to whether

we’d be able to field a team. In the first of the three rounds, which was preceded by

a minute’s silence for the Queen, Hugh and Tom ground out a dogged doubles win,

6-4, versus Surbiton’s Val and Philip, while Simon benefitted from a visit to our host

club the previous week and assuredly turned the tables on Robin for a 14-3 win.

Roger S arrived in good time to substitute for Hugh for the second round, and paired

up with Simon to play Philip and Robin. The Ember pair manage to get, and stay

ahead by the time of the allotted 90 minute limit, 11-5. Meanwhile, Tom found

himself highly praising the condition of our home lawns when he found himself

lodged in hoop for the fourth time, and high handicapper Val ran out the 11-8 winner.

A welcome break for lunch, deliciously provided by Surbiton members Maxine and

Barry, consisted of spaghetti bolognese, apple crumble and custard. The final round

saw Hugh and Simon play Val and Robin; and Roger play Philip in the singles. Both

games went to time, with wins to Ember 8-4 and 9-7 respectively. So overall, a 5-1

victory for Ember, and an abiding memory of Lara, Maxine and Barry’s most elegant

Russian Wolfhound, who presents a very subtle proprietorial aura over SCC. Thank

you Surbiton, and Lara, for being perfect hosts.

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