Ember welcomed Ealing on Tuesday for an SECF B league match. We were captained by Simon Charrington (Handicap 12) joined by Roger Stearn (12) and Tom Eddy (16). Tom is keen to play home games but three short games is too much for him, so Steve Edney (12) replaced him for the final game.

Ealing brought over Ron(12), David(14) and Emma(20). The match order was switched to help Emma in her first competitive AC match, with Ron partnering her. Ember ran out 11-7 winners in this game, with Simon getting round to peg and Tom getting most of the way.

In the first singles, Roger played David. Roger win 12-9.

Steve managed to persuade Tom to continue in the second round of matches. It was getting close to lunch time and Steve wanted to munch on the ginger biscuits. Tom was partnering Roger this time against David and Emma. It was a gripping match with a valiant effort by Roger to get Ember back into it, requiring a golden (sudden death) hoop to decide it. Eventually Ealing ran it, winning the game.

Meanwhile, Simon beat Ron 14-4 in their singles, which included a respectably executed four-ball croquet shot by Ron out of corner 3, and some odd, but not fatal, aberrations from Simon.

Lunch was splendid, and thanks to Geraldine for setting up and tidying away for us.

The final set of games saw Steve come in for Tom versus Emma. Emma played very well for a deserved 10-8 victory, scoring Ealing’s second win of the match.

Very early in the final doubles game David scuffed his shot and Simon was able to hit in and having worked hard to run hoop 1 proceeded with an almost faultless 4 ball break to go to peg.  3 turns later Ealing chose to join up at hoop 1 rather than use a bisque to continue, Roger then took advantage and using a bisque to hit in proceeded run his 6 hoops and to peg out both balls. A quick game won 14 -1 and Ron sportingly complaining he had only had 1 shot.

A most enjoyable day.

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