Golf Croquet is all the rage… join in!

It’s fair to say, Ember Croquet has been traditionally an Association Croquet (AC) club. That’s the version of the game where if one player gets going (like snooker) (s)he can run all the hoops, and the only thing the other players can do is watch and applaud.

In Golf Croquet (GC), four people can be on the lawn all of the time, taking turns to take one shot each. It is just like golf, but without the rough grass and bunkers. Compared to AC, GC is simpler to understand and quicker to pick up and play, but no less tactical and brain-teasing.

We welcome all guests to come along, no pressure to join the club, just give it a go. A fiver well spent, and if you get the Croquet bug, then we are just the club for you.

Meanwhile, we are booked in to a GC competition this year against other clubs in the area, plus we visit Wimbledon Croquet & Tennis Club soon, so we better hone our skills.

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