Croquet Six starts

Now that we have access to the toilets again, the croqueteers are returning in their droves (well, okay four of us, but its a start).

Instead of rollups we are inviting members to come along for these sign up sessions at the usual rollup times:

Sunday 2pm to 5pm

Tuesday 5pm to 8pm

Thursday 2pm to 5pm

The sessions can host up to six people, hence “Croquet Six”. We can play doubles on the main lawn and singles on the small lawn. We can now sit on the benches as long as we are careful but it’s still best to bring your own chair if you are able.

We are determined to give golf croquet a good go from now on, and even managed to play a decent game between three of us on Thursday afternoon (the official GC slot) using three balls. It made for some interesting strategic play and quite a few jump shots were attempted, and to our surprise, some succeeded.

We had another game of golf croquet on Tuesday evening now with four of us, so it was more conventional! We must admit we have a lot to learn about the tactics of GC, so in time hopefully we can visit other clubs, as we had lined up to do before COVID struck.

Hope to see you there! Please sign up on the Lawn Booking sheet. Six slots available, otherwise book a singles (or doubles) game at any other time.

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