Croquet Newsletter April 2020

CROQUET                                                                                        SIMON CHARRINGTON

Diary dates

Start of Season – PAUSED

As you already know the Croquet Lawns are closed for all play until further notice (this includes for practice).   We appreciate your co-operation and continued support in this for the club.  We are committed to reopening for play as soon as possible, whilst abiding by the Government’s advice and guidelines.  I shall keep in touch with you with regular updates via email.

Lawn care and maintenance

After successful progress with the early spring programme of work, the programme is now much limited by the lockdown requirements and availability of appropriately trained and fit volunteers within walking distance. The formal mowing rota has been abandoned for April, accordingly. The team, however, are in regular contact with each other and will do what is possible and reasonable within the constraints; with individual, family, neighbour and national safety being paramount.  These plans change by the day.

Handicaps & Coaching

Note from Roger Dollimore, by way of reminder:

If you play either AC or GC singles as a competitive or friendly game it should be recorded on your handicap cards. For friendly games a card game should be mutually agreed before the start of play. If you are playing a tutored or coached game then it should not be recorded on your handicap card.

If anyone would like to take one-on-one coaching once we are able to resume then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Publicity and recruitment

We are now listed in ‘Silvergrape – Mid Surrey’, an online and hardcopy magazine, and we are exploring the establishment of a U3A course, as well as starting to use various links and facilities to raise our profile on social media.  Publicity for some open ‘come along and try’ sessions has been paused for now. The CA are suggesting ‘Two ball Match-play’ as a good introduction to croquet generally, with elements of both Golf Croquet and the more complex four-ball AC format   (scroll down to Suggested formats for NCD


our thoughts and prayers stay with you all and your families during these uncertain, and suddenly and dramatically changing times which are impacting upon each and all of us in so many, various, the same, and in different ways

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