The Ideal Introduction to Croquet

The Club welcomes beginners – we make every effort to provide you with advice and support to help you progress.  The benefits of membership include:

  • Regular weekly coaching sessions for beginners and intermediate players
  • A small practice lawn, primarily used by beginners and less experienced players
  • Members willing to show beginners the ropes and give advice if asked
  • Handicap play – every member is given a handicap so that you can play against more experienced players on level terms
  • Golf croquet – an easier version of the game to start with if you prefer. This is a very sociable version of the game (we have regular Thursday afternoon sessions)
  • Leagues and a croquet ladder help you meet other players – we have players at all levels, so you can find suitable opponents as you progress (or even if you don’t)
  • Access to the clubhouse and club bar – enjoy a drink after your game
We play both association and golf croquet
We play both association and golf croquet

Association and Golf Croquet

You will find that croquet can be a fascinating, mentally stimulating and competitive sport – a far cry from garden croquet, where the main objective is often to get your opponent’s ball as far as you can into the shrubbery.  You can enjoy it at any level – you don’t have to be one of the experts, thinking four or five shots ahead, like a chess player.  But learning the tactics as well as the basic skills of the game is very rewarding.

Both Association Croquet and Golf Croquet are played at the Club.  Golf Croquet is less tactically demanding and more sociable, in that more players can participate in a game, and is often preferred by less experienced players.  Association Croquet is more interesting mentally, and appeals to more experienced players and those who welcome the challenge.

During the winter months, informal indoor carpet croquet evenings are arranged in the main clubhouse.  Although our carpet is very small in comparison with a full-sized lawn, indoor croquet not only helps to keep croquet skills ticking over during the winter but can help you develop your tactical understanding of the game.

What is croquet all about – and why should you give it a try?

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For more information or to join, contact Mike Lambert on 0208 398 1476 or email mikejlambert at  Mike will arrange for someone to introduce you to the club and the game.

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Ember Croquet Club is affiliated to the Croquet Association.  There is no joining fee.


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