Social Distancing Bowls – Playing Arrangements

Following Guidance received from Bowls England the Green will be open for play from Saturday 23rd May from 12:00pm.
However there will be strict rules governing its use, including the need to pre-book a rink via this website. If you are aware of a member who does not have internet access please offer to help or book on their behalf. Members will have to register as a user before they can access the booking system. Please do not come to the club without previously having booked a rink.


  1. Only paid up members for 2020-2021 are eligible to play.
  2. Members may not bring visitors or guests at this time.
  3. Do not play if self-isolating or feeling ill in any way.
  4. Only 3 rinks will be in play at any time. These will be identified on the on-line booking. The green keeper will set up rink numbers and colours each day so he will be the only person touching the rink markers.  Please use the rink number that you booked (it may not be in its normal position)
  5. Only singles, without a marker, are to be played. You are permitted to play  with a person from outside your household, as long as both players are members
  6. 2-hour sessions to be booked ahead.  Rink booking is done on-line at  Please leave the rink 10 minutes before the end of your session to avoid overlap on the green.
  7. Members should keep a record of the time and rink used, together with a list of people playing, for tracking purposes.
  8. Procedures for ALL games (To avoid cross contamination).
    • ONLY touch your own bowls.
    • 2 jacks to be used and placed using feet, NOT HANDS, before proceeding to the other end of the rink. When returning the jacks to the cabin at the end of the day they must be wiped clean.
    • The mat to only be handled by one bowler who shall place it for both his/herself AND for the opponent as instructed by the opponent. The mat must be washed at the end of play before returning it to the cabin.
    • Pushers, Scoreboards and 2 m sticks are NOT to be used.
    • Members should not access the clubhouse – it will be locked.
    • Members should inform the chairman if a they become ill within 14 days of using the green.
    • Members are advised to bring their own hand sanitiser/wipes for the jacks, door handles etc.
    • Do not shake hands before, during or after a game
    • Do not ‘high-five‘ OR ‘hug’ other players to celebrate shots or a win
    • Avoid measuring for shot/s
    • When you finish playing, change your shoes and leave the club immediately – ensuring that you have sanitised all equipment used and that the club is secure.

Members should always observe the 2m social distancing rules, including entering and leaving the premises, and should follow the Government Guidelines

There is a standpipe under the clubhouse meeting room window which is available for NON drinking water and a bucket and soap will be available in the Cabin for cleaning equipment.

Bowls England’s Guidance, approved by the Government, is available at

We will arrange controlled access to the changing rooms for retrieving your bowls. Once retrieved you should take your bowls home after you have played. If this is not possible there will be an area in the cabin to leave them. If you are leaving them in the cabin, please ensure you DO NOT touch other bowls.

We will monitor the situation and modify the playing conditions as soon as there is any change in Government or Bowls England guidelines.

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