Draft Committee Minutes: March 2015

Minutes of Committee Meeting No. 2015/03 held on Saturday 7thMarch, 2015
Present: K.Homewood (Chairman), J.Baird, M.Baird, D.Bardsley, W.Budge, P.Cooke, M.Cutts, A.Hughes, S.Jones, L.Pillman.

No. Item  Action
01 Apologies for absence  M.Glazebrook, J.Ingham
02 The Minutes of the Meeting held on 17th January, 2015 were approved and signed as a true and accurate record.
03 Matters arising from the Minutes (not covered elsewhere)
2014/07 – 12 Bar Counter
Action: The bar counter to rubbed down and oiled as necessary.
2014/11 – 04 Ladies’ match refreshments
Action: Ladies to decide amongst themselves how the changed system re ladies match catering would work, with a review of the arrangements in one year.
2014/11 – 12 Report from the Men’s Captain
Action: Handicaps to be updated, meeting arranged for 28th March.
2015/01 – 06 Kitchen, Bar and 1st Aid Cabinet Maintenance
a) Food Allergies
Action: Guidance awaited from B.E. re food allergy regulations.
b) 1st Aid Box
Action: 1st Aid Box to be updated, guidance re contents now received from ESC Management Committee.
2015/01 – 12 Report from the Green Ranger
e) Crazy paving
KH reported that he was obtaining quotes for replacing the crazy paving at both ends of the green. The Management Committee have agreed to consider the expenditure once they have reviewed the quotes.
Action: KH to obtain quotes for crazy paving.
f) Paving stones surrounding the green
Action: KH/MC to liaise with crazy paving contractor, once appointed, re dealing with both loose and raised paving stones surrounding the green.
WB,AH et al 
KH +
04 Fund Raising
a) Sponsorship
Ongoing sponsorship from Crossy’s confirmed, due to expire in September.
b) Bonus Ball
JB and MB have arrangements in hand for the coming season, with the first draw scheduled for 2nd May.
05 Press Release  Nil  
06 Kitchen, Bar and 1st Aid Cabinet Maintenance
a) Kitchen spring cleaning
Action: Annual kitchen spring cleaning to be carried out.
b) Bar spring cleaning
Action: Bar spring cleaning to be carried out.
c) Bar cleaning
Action: Ongoing bar cleaning maintenance to be considered by ESC Management Committee.
d) Pipe cleaning team
Action: Bar cleaning guidelines and duties, to include recording of the bar ‘fridge temperature, to be prepared then clarified with ESC Management Committee.
e) Bar stocks
Action: KH to ensure bar is stocked for Social Committee function on 21st Feb.
Action: Cover for Brian Selwyn to be discussed with him for when he is away.
f) Bar cash till
Action: Bar cashier to ensure the bar cash till float is at all times sufficient and includes plenty of £1 coins.
g) Bar tea towels
Action: JB to determine current cleaning practice of bar tea towels.
PC +Team

07 Report from the Chairman
a) ESC Management Committee – Ambiance
Advice, recommendations and estimates curently being sought by ESC Management Committee re decorating and lighting in the Clubhouse, the floor and furniture to be considered subsequently.  To assist with decluttering the Clubhouse a storage extension to the premises was under consideration.
b) Ember Electrics
For the time being the ESC Chairman and Secretary would be the contacts for electrical works.
c) EasyFundraising
contributions had increased.
d) Website
ESC Management Committee items will be added to the Website.
Updates as agreed had been made, pending the Captains’ Charity event and any Dinner and Dance.
Action: All to advise DB of any necessary changes/updates to the website together with plenty of suitable new photographs.
08 Report from the Men’s Captain
The Captains’ Charity event would probably support a small local charity.
09 Report from the Ladies’ Captain
More than 30 ladies, present and past members, had booked for the annual pre-season ladies’ lunch on 19th March at La Orient.
10 Report from the Secretary
Written confirmation had been received from the Bowls Development Alliance that£290 Silver Package funding had been approved.
Club and Finals stickers, unchanged, had been ordered as stocks were low.
11 Report from Treasurer
LP presented accounts for ten months to January 2015.
Action: LP to check entries re Club and External competitions’ expenses.
Action: Any expenses claims to be submitted before the end of the month.
Affiliation fees: BE £5pp   SCBA £3.60pp   SCWBA £3.80pp   NWS £24 per club

12 Report from the Green Ranger
a) Green
Winter work was almost complete with deep slitting and tyning carried out and cutting and fertilising as necessary.  The excessive amount of thatch was of concern, currently being about 30mms, the ideal being 3-5mms.  Soil samples were currently being analysed with any recommended, appropriate remedial action e.g. removal of the top surface then reseeding, to be considered later in the season.
b) Spraying
The cost of spraying courses, for insecticides, fungicides and weed killers would be £4-500 plus accommodation.  An outside qualified sprayer would charge c£100 per session.
Action: KH to contact Imber Court BC re green spraying arrangements.
Action: SJ to seek guidance from SCBA re green maintenance.
c) Rink settings
It was noted that six settings would be used during the season.
d) Irrigation
Action: Water supply to be reconnected.
e) Water sprinkler
Action: MC to liaise with Croquet Section re availability of a rotary sprinkler.
Action: LP to investigate sources of suitable rotary sprinklers.
f) Protective mats
Action: Old protective mats to be dealt with, new mats now being available.
13 Report from the Match Secretary
a) Fixtures 2015
The fixture list was presented and agreed, noting spare weekend dates in June and July.
Action: Additional weekend fixtures to be sought.
b) Fun Day
It was agreed to possibly hold a Charity Fun Day, maybe on 11th July.
Action: To possibly hold a Charity Fun Day, maybe on 11th July.
c) Coastal Trip
A match had been arranged at Marine Gardens, Worthing on Wednesday, 15th July at 2pm.  Players for five rinks would be required, costing £14 per rink to include half-time refreshments. Transport cost and meal arrangements to be investigated.  LP to captain the match if captains unavailable.
Action: Coastal trip arrangements to be finalised.
All + members
 LP + Team  
14 Coronation Cup
34 Clubs had entered one or two teams.  Ember entries to be limited to a maximum of four teams as previously agreed with no entry fee for any elimination rounds.  With a view to increasing the total entries to forty, letters inviting expressions of interest were about to be sent to clubs not currently involved in the Coronation Cup that Ember play against.
15 External Leagues and Competitions
16 Report from the Assistant Secretary
a) Fellowship
Michael Beaney’s health was giving concern. JB and Ron Pintus had recently been hospitalised.  A number of other members were receiving medical attention.
b) Leaflets
JB, MB and PC offered to assist JI with leaflet distribution together with the six existing volunteers.  It was agreed to stop delivering leaflets to the same houses in the same roads that had been covered in recent years but to concentrate on other areas including Molesey.  It was agreed to have clear, colourful information about the Bowls Club displayed on local noticeboards (e.g. Tesco’s Molesey, Hampton Court Station) and to include the dates of Beginners’ Classes and the location of the Club.
Action: JB, MB, PC to liaise with JI re leaflet distribution as detailed above.
17 Reports from SCBA, SCWBA and NWS
NWS advised of no green fee charges for neutral green matches played at Ember.  Future Mixed Leagues tables to be made available weekly.
18 Items from Members
19 Any Other Business
Pre-Season Meeting
Action: SJ to update/confirm the meeting notes and Agenda for KH+ speakers.
20 Date of Next Meeting:
Saturday, 9th May at 10 am


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