JG’s External Competitions Report #1

John Garland writes:

Firstly my apologies to those selected for the supposedly home match v Weybridge which should have been away. I had naturally assumed that as we were away at Egham the previous week we were at home for this, but not so. I gather that the selected eight waiting at Ember had a pleasant match amongst themselves while the Weybridge team waiting on their own green for our arrival were most relieved to be awarded a win us that they might not have achieved had the match been played against the full might of Ember – we can dream!  Probably just as well that Andy is taking over before I totally lose my marbles. The return match on 20 July will be at EMBER and NOT at Weybridge – will those selected please note. 

Despite an excellent win in the Fours by Aneeta Thompson, Pat O’Hagan, Sylvia Jones and Val Chicken we lost 3-1 to the strong Supreme Club. Supreme won the Pairs in a close tussel and had comfortable victories in the Singles and Triples. 

Our ladies continue to fly the flag for Ember and they are doing very well so far in the County Championships –
FOURS: Both our teams have reached the last 32
TRIPLES: Both our triples have reached the last 32 and now play each other
PAIRS: All three of our Ladies’  Pairs have reached the last 16 with Jenny & Linda playing at Sutton and Jackie & Mary and Lorna & Val having to play each other at Ember
SINGLES: Both Linda and Jackie are in the last 32
Champion of Champions: Pat Cooke has reached the last 32 of this event
Officers’ Cup: Jenny as a three times champion of this event has reached the last 32 at the expense of Linda and now plays away at Newdigate – maybe this should be called the ‘Jenny Cup’ in future!. 

The loss of several of our top male players for differing reasons in recent seasons and the gradual ageing of those remaining has resulted in us having just one entry in the competitions, our champion Ray Croucher who will shortly travel to West Wimbledon to play his match in the last 64 of the Champion of Champions Singles. 

In defence of our league title we started with an 10-0 defeat at Malden Manor followed by a 9-1 defeat at Imber Court before gaining a comfortable 10-0 victory at Auriol. Our last match at Ewell also ended in defeat, believed to be 8-2. . 

There is something rather weird about the draw as we always seem to play Carshalton in the preliminary round, usually away, and this year was no exception losing on both rinks, one of them rather heavily although the home rink played brilkliantly. The names of the participants will not be named to protect the innocent, if any, but 8-34 was not good! For the benefit of those who played or supported us in the final at Sutton two seasons ago, maybe we are only at our best in the dark! 

So far so good with wins against Bishop Duppas and West Byfleet and the almost inevitable defeats against Egham and Weybridge (this time without a bad bowl having been delivered!). 

A poor start with 3 losses against Knaphill, Egham and Hersham. 

Our ladies have made an excellent start to the league winning all three of their first matches – Bishop Duppas by 13 shots, Ashford by 4 shots and Cobham by 1 shot. Keep going ladies. 

In past seasons we have had an excellent record in these events but they seem to be getting tougher each year with more of the stronger players entering, especially from Egham and Weybridge. Our current situation is –
Men’ Pairs: Dave & Dick are into the last 16
Men’s Triples: Dave, John C and Dick are in the last 16
Ladies Singles: Linda is in the last 16 and Jackie is in the Last 8
Ladies Pairs: Jackie & Linda in the last 16 and Lorna & Mary in the last 32
Ladies Triples: In a small draw both our triples have a bye into the last 8.
Mixed Pairs: At the last 32 stage we still have 3 pairs involved – Lorna & John G, Dave & Linda and Jackie & Mike
Mixed Triples: Jackie, John G and Mike with a good win against Egham are in the last 16 and are joined by Dave, Linda and Dick at this stage.
AUSSIE PAIRS: Unfortunately the holders Dave B and Dick had a very tough first round match against Egham and lost their title on the last bowl of the match, John G & Linda won a close match in front of the ‘Egham kop’ with around 25-30 supporters 13-11 against Gary Clarke and his debutant partner Barbara Mainwaring and Lorna & Mary are still to play their match in the last 32. 

We have four triples entered – best of luck to all four. 

The next report will be issued in about 3 weeks.


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