Raynes Park Crowned 2017 Champions

Supreme BC & Raynes Park BC.  Ready for Battle

Raynes Park’s Winning Team

Congratulations to Richard Wooster, Malcom Godfrey and John Guinnard (skip) on a close fought victory over the Supreme BC team of Barry Hickman, Derek Nightingale and Ron Brookbank. 

It was a close fought match but Supreme were not able to close a lead established in the thirteenth end, allowing Raynes Park to run out winners by 15 shots to 10.

 First Round  Second Round  Quarter Finals  Semi-Final  Final  Winner
25th June, 2nd & 9th July  16th & 23rd July  6th August 13th or 20th August 3rd September  
 Imber Court A  Imber Court A Ember A  Supreme A Raynes Park
 Supreme B
 Oxshott  Ember A
 Mitcham B  Ember A
 Ember A
 Supreme A  Supreme A  Supreme A (w/o)  Supreme A
 West End B
 West Wimbledon A  West Wimbledon A
 Egham  Egham  Egham
 Ember B
 Oatlands Park  Hook & Southboro’ B
 Hook & Southboro’ B
 Esher B  West Wimbledon B  Epsom Park  Imber Court A Raynes Park
 West Wimbledon B
 Epsom Park  Epsom Park
 West Byfleet
 Imber Court A  Imber Court A  Imber Court A
 Chertsey A
 Mitcham A  Hook & Southboro’ A
 Hook & Southboro’ A
 Raynes Park  Raynes Park  Raynes Park  Raynes Park
 Esher A
 Ember C
 West End A  Chertsey B
 Chertsey B

Current Coronation Cup Standings (1953-2016)

A chart showing who’s won the competition the most times!